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This is the chart I use to do an honest check in with myself. These branches are what I think important in order to live a balanced life. We can add branches and sub-branches of course but keep in mind the more branches you have the less focus you are. But yea, do what you want 😛


I usually put a :) , :( , and/or 😐 next to the branch, and then I write the answer why. I then ask myself what do I want to do about it.

– Emotional being – Do I acknowledge my feeling as is? Do I force myself to feel certain way? Do I mask my true emotion as something else?

– Spiritual being – Do I see anyone as my anchor? Who is it? God, mother, parents, yourself? What is it that proven that answer? Do you believe that proof?

– Physical being – Do I take care of my physical body as best as I know? Do I accept the limitation of my body? Do I achieve balance in my physical ability, rest and work?

– Hobbies – Do I have hobbies that I can immerse myself into fully? Do I give myself time to do so?

– Financial – Am I honest regarding my financial status? Do I try to impress anyone? Myself? Is there a place you want to be realistically? Am I working towards that balance?

– Career / Studies – Am I doing what I like myself to be doing? Am I satisfied with what I’m doing?

– Relationship – Am I being honest and true in this relationship (single or not)? Am I oppressing something within me? Am I oppressing anyone? Am i free to be myself?

– Friendship – Do I get stimulated enough to progress in my life by hanging out with these humans?

– Family – Do I respect my family enough for them to be able to respect me? Do I set limit/boundaries to be fully myself? Do I get the vibe that I don’t prefer? Is it true, or is it assumption? Do I feel responsible for other’s action? Do I understand that one’s reactions are one’s own responsibilities?

– Community – Do I feel in place in a community? Can I be involve more/less to be more efficient in my community? Do I have a sense of community, where I can give/volunteer myself to feel good about myself?

I do this every month and see my journey. For me, it is not about progress or goal making, although it can be that too. Life is more than achieving. We are human being, not human doing.

Anywayyyy, with all that being said, change comes from within. A change of perspective is far more efficient than a change of things/job/humans (think friends/bf/gf). There is a time where we feel that we need to move ourselves completely from an environment. Extreme makeover of (fill in the blank). But most of the times, it’s small changes from within towards the self. Then like a snowball effect, we start to see things differently and able to change what needs to be changed and endure what needs to be endured.

It takes a quiet mind, and it does take a lot of courage to change. We surely know when a change is needed. We cannot lie to ourselves, it won’t feel peace.

– C