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Jan 23 2015

First Painting in Photoshop

Kona Painting

I’m learning photoshop painting inspired by my designer friend in VeggieTales, Steph Sim. She’s so cool in my opinion =) Also my inspiration, EliOli! Anyway, this is Kona the husky, my dog. My first painting. Comments critiques are appreciated!

Jan 18 2015

Misc. AND … Veggie Tales in The House


Happy New Year!! I haven’t uploaded in a while, pretty bad with this blogging business. A lot of things has happened (since my last post, lol). I will list some below~ I finished Season 1 of Monster Vs Aliens by Nickelodeon. Fun project but tiring. So then I took breaks and went to the East …

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Mar 14 2013

Monster Vs Aliens

Hey all! It’s gonna air in less than a month! I’m a lead animator on this TV show and I’m quite stoked I must say. Some of my shots are also in the trailer. Excited! Excited I tell you 😀

Jun 01 2012

Beauty, my daschund


I miss her so much! She’s in my parents’ home back in Indonesia. I can’t wait to see her again this summer! ~Cali

Apr 27 2012

Dream and Be Content – An Epiphany

I just listened to TED Talk by Andrew Stanton about story telling. And things that he said re-opened my mind to why I’m an animator. Finding Nemo by Pixar is the movie that makes me want to do what ever it is that make those fish feels real to me. My dream goal! To animate …

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Apr 09 2012

New Show: Slugterra!


I have been working on Monster High for quite some time .. and now I jump on board on Slugterra. It’s a full action show, and so I’m expanding my comfort zone, since I’ve been quite known as the acting animator. Looking forward to challenges! ~Cali