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May 21 2012

Frozen Yogurt


Going home from work on a Wednesday, hungry and tired. And from Metrotown skytrain, a wild couple appeared, they were eating froyo, all happy and relax. Wesley said my face looks like this.

May 21 2012

Nerf War Zone


My new spot at work is in the middle of war zone. My coworkers love to play nerf guns. Sigh. It hits my monitor, my legs and sometimes goes to my food =(

May 21 2012

11pm and I was tired


Yup, getting old indeed.

May 21 2012

The Advil Drama :p


I needed an advil for my flu at work, so I asked for it from the front desk and he was joking that I can’t have it. After threatening him (lol) that I will explode, he gave it to me. *I was wearing an otter scarf hoodie I made for myself (random info)

May 21 2012



Couple weeks ago, I got moved to a different show at work, therefore I had to move to a different spot. I had (still have) SO much stuff, took 3 trips of full boxes. Mostly snacks and toys.

Mar 26 2012



I just found a new hobby. Painting! It’s so relaxing and I really enjoy it. Acrylic paints on Canvas. Picts taken with Instagram. Piggy and sunflowers I made this one for a friend of mine, Jason. He has two kids and a wonderful wifey.

Mar 04 2012

Anjeleigh and Caleigha Davis


This morning after church, Wesley and I had the privelege to meet 2 amazing girls from The Davis family, Anjeleigh and Caleigha (my goodness, cool names!). Anjy, shes 9 now, she likes Monster High, the cartoon I’m working on at Nerd Corps Entertainment. (Yay a real fan!)She really likes drawing and it’s cool to see …

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Feb 26 2012

From a quick doodle to a hug-able Owl Plush Pillow!


Wesley was playing BF3 and SC2 with his buddies. We just finished making banana bread and we just played Wings of War board game; so it’s time for me to CRAFT. I doodled this… … and made it into THIS! I haven’t crafted in a long time, so spontaneous crafting is always fun fun silly …

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Feb 21 2012

Compilation of my Doodles!


Now that I have a blog-able website (Thanks to my hubbles for setting it up!) ,  I’m going to update as often as I can of my doodles! I doodle a lot of things, but mainly things that happen at work, since it’s comical at times. Doodle-worthy I must say. In the future I will …

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