Jan 18 2015

Misc. AND … Veggie Tales in The House

Happy New Year!! I haven’t uploaded in a while, pretty bad with this blogging business.
A lot of things has happened (since my last post, lol). I will list some below~

I finished Season 1 of Monster Vs Aliens by Nickelodeon. Fun project but tiring. So then I took breaks and went to the East Coast to see some friends. Went to Montreal, Toronto, and then New York.

Accepted short project at Rainmaker Entertainment.

Went to Disneyland with my sister for her bday! I cried when the Disney Princesses showed up during the parade. Yes I really did. No shame.

My precious Beauty and Misty passed away and went to doggie heaven ='(

Husband and I adopted a mutt of a husky lab from SPCA, named Kona. He has his own instagram account, because he’s tech savvy that way. He’s 1.5 year old now, gets into trouble and having fun doing it.

Early 2014, I accepted Animation Supervisor role at Bardel Ent. for new Netflix series Veggie Tales in The House. Been a year or so doing this series and we’ve launched 10 Episodes on Netflix. It’s a great show for kids with lots of good morals and teachings. Love the team dearly, couldn’t done it without them. So please watch and rate the show!! We work so hard for it =)
I also did one iAnimate program while doing supervisor work. The most tiring 3-4 months I’ve ever had since AiV School haha! Check out my work here. Rendering is not finaled, still learning VRay bit by bits.

I don’t know what I want from Calista Chandler on Vimeo.

Art from Calista Chandler on Vimeo.



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