Jan 28 2013

Run vs Walk

Hi peeps,

Lots of things been happening and yes, I’m still bad with my blogging. Been so busy but still no excuses! Maybe my NY resolution? Anyway, as I promise my animation students, here you go. Sorry for the delay! There’s also plenty of resources out there for you to study. Such as this one. I would suggest as well to follow animation blogs. Keith Lango is always awesome, same with Spline Doctor and of course, 11 Second Club for practice, seeing other people’s work and get feedback from animators all over the world.

Sidetracked a little bit, in the Resources page of 11 Second Club, I was actually featured :)
As you can see, I used Moom quite a bit here and there.

pictures are borrowed from this awesome article


About 8 months ago, I started at Bardel Entertainment, as a Lead Animator on Nickelodeon’s TV Series, Monster vs Aliens, their exclusive deal with DreamWorks Animation! It has been epicly fun and a lot of work! It’s a lot different than my previous job before at Nerd Corps Entertainment, a lot of things to learn still. I do for sure develop more people skill than I was before. No more socially awkward penguin :p

I started teaching as well at Art Institute of Vancouver this January. New year, another new path. I enjoy it a lot! Yes it is a lot of work, but I like seeing people getting what animation is. It’s like learning all over again.

Anyhoo! Hope every one has a good year ahead. God bless!!

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