Mar 04 2012

Anjeleigh and Caleigha Davis

This morning after church, Wesley and I had the privelege to meet 2 amazing girls from The Davis family, Anjeleigh and Caleigha (my goodness, cool names!). Anjy, shes 9 now, she likes Monster High, the cartoon I’m working on at Nerd Corps Entertainment. (Yay a real fan!)She really likes drawing and it’s cool to see her drawings in person (some of them are MH inspired, yey! lol). Caleigha (6) was rather quiet although her sister said she’s noisy at home, hahah! Caleigha in the other hands really like sports. Pretty cool, I’m trying to get back in shape as well, so it’s a fairly good motivation. 😛
I doodled them during lunch and I coloured it at home. So here you go! Enjoy!


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  1. Jeanie Davis

    Very cute!!! Love your drawings. The girls were thrilled to see their pictures here!!

    Thank you for drawing with Anjeleigh.She was inspired!! Your time and interest means more than I can really express!!

    Your encouraging words and wise advise are things the girls won’t forget. Thank you for sharing how hard you have worked to be able to get the jobs you are interested in. I t is good for Anjeleigh to hear that it takes hard work, commitment and diligence to succeed. I learned from that too. It is inspiring to see your passion and determination to do well. So often we want success without the hard work.

    Thanks again!!


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